The Advantages of Cosmetic Anti-counterfeiting And Anti-channeling Inkjet Printer System

Based on the role of the cosmetic anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling inkjet printer system:1. Avoid false reporting of information content. According to the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling, the system management method of real-time monitoring of the inventory of goods in and out of the system, and the implementation of the real-code management method in which the anti-counterfeiting logo and the freight logistics code are completely consistent, can reasonably prevent some dishonest and trustworthy agents from reporting false account.

WOOcoin (WOO Token) launched worldwide on May 26

WOO Network brings together liquidity, top market makers and quantitative trading strategies from around the world to provide exchanges, wallets, DeFi platforms and large traders with low cost and sufficient trading depth.

SportsDao——Open the door to NFTs for sports fans

In February of this year, the Sports DAO team received an investment from Animoca Brands, a prolific software and venture capital firm with over 220 investments in blockchain games, NFTs, decentralized finance, and Metaverse. an investment portfolio. The Sports DAO studio has since accelerated the development of the project and launched the blockchain game of the same name - SportsDao.

Precautions for Choosing A UV Inkjet Printer

It is a common phenomenon that there are clear brand logos, barcodes, two-dimensional codes on the product packaging in the market. Many of these information is printed by packaging UV inkjet printers. The main purpose of spray printing is to allow consumers to increase the public's recognition of the product and understand whether the product is qualified.

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