ElonMusk, a collection of Decentralized community-created in the Web3 Era

Recently, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates, Luna and UST have collapsed one after another. BTC has fallen below $20,000 USD and ETH has also fallen below $1,000 USD. Under the background of the encryption bear market, the entire NFT market has changed from "To the moon" to "Down to zero".

JASMINER X4 excels in hash rate, power saving

The cryptocurrency market has recently declined and is still trembling. In other words, the lower the power consumption, the less risk-averse the miners.JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server is a rig that mainly supports mining Ethereum Classic, with leading level in hash rate and efficiency.

Laiye completes the rollout of its first Annual Summit to shape the world of Intelligent Automation

20 June 2022 — Laiye Annual Summit, a virtual summit, where Laiye's leadership team examines the state of the intelligent automation industry with other experts for APAC and EMEA region. Pascal Bornet, a global expert and pioneer in Intelligent Automation and Laiye's special guest speaker, joined Laiye experts, to discuss why adopting intelligent automation should be the top transformation priority for global enterprise-level organizations now more than ever.

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