ElonMusk, a collection of Decentralized community-created in the Web3 Era


Recently, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates, Luna and UST have collapsed one after another. BTC has fallen below $20,000 USD and ETH has also fallen below $1,000 USD. Under the background of the encryption bear market, the entire NFT market has changed from "To the moon" to "Down to zero". In just a few weeks, the encryption industry has undergone earth shaking changes, and NFT market sentiment has also become low. In the trading rankings of OpenSea, the blue-chip projects CryptoPunk, BAYC, MAYC and the later projects Doodles, Cool Cats and Azuki are off the hype. The market is full of wonders that "NFT is a speculative product"or "NFT is just a game for a small number of creators".

Putting aside the dropping in prices, the essence of the above doubts is that the threshold for NFT to reach decentralized "blockchain autonomy" is too high. Even with an integrated NFT trading platform such as OpenSea, users can indeed mint, display, trade and auction NFT on the platform, but all the minted NFT works can only belong to the centralized works collection. It only records this event with the help of the blockchain decentralized ledger. With the advent of the Web3 era, people began to think and shout that "the NFT market defined by the centralized team needs more possibilities." As the user of BAYC community said: "the minting of centralized works in the bear market makes everyone a little crazy. If you do something different, it is easy to catch the attention of the market!"


NFT market needs the spirit of "Breaking the rules"

At present, NFT in the market is actually a centralized team work, no matter CryptoPunks or BAYC. ABCMETA believes that a truly great NFT collection should follow the concept of decentralization, rather than being initiated by a company or a centralized team. Therefore, it puts forward a pioneering idea of "Decentralized community-created". The decentralized community-created collection is destined to be the development trend of NFT in the next stage.

ABCMETA is not so much an NFT creation platform, I prefer to call it a great experiment to salute the DAO spirit. It provides equal creative possibilities for all participants in the NFT market, reduces the threshold of NFT creation, and truly realizes the universality of NFT. This will be an interesting, purely decentralized experiment. Completely decentralized operation, all governed by the community. The essence of this experiment is to let us see what kind of chemical reaction will occur in Blockchain Spirit + Decentralized Community-created + Community Autonomy (DAO).

AvatarBay is a decentralized application (DAPP) based on ABCMETA's metaverse land. It is a cooperative project between AvatarBay laboratory from Australia and “ABCMETA.IO”. The birth of AvatarBay has broken the creative shackles of NFT market centralization. Users can create their own unique NFT completely or through templates in a few seconds, and have the permanent royalty income of NFT art works. You can get 5.5% of the royalty income for each transaction of works. You can use this DAPP to create works for any NFT-DAO Decentralized Community-created collection.


A few weeks ago, ABCMETA conducted the experiments of MessageX-DAO, Trending-DAO, and ElonMusk-DAO decentralized community-created collections. Community users created works for these works at will. As of June 20, 2022, 1,800 community users had created works. Currently, the number of online NFT works has exceeded 10,000+. Among them, the total transaction volume of MessageX-DAO collection that sends radio waves to outer space is as high as $3,629.15, of which the highest price of NFT works is $247, and the highest price of Trending-DAO collection on trend hot works is $51. The third is ElonMusk-DAO collection that attract the attention of Musk. The highest price of work has also reached $86 in just a few days! This is just the beginning. The creativity of community users really has unlimited possibilities! For ABCMETA community members, this free and equal creative opportunity is naturally related to DAO spirit. Those who really understand the decentralization spirit of blockchain, when they meet ABCMETA, they will immediately understand one thing: Decentralized Community-created collection is an invaluable asset!


ABCMETA.IO project aims to cultivate a "community of builders", now users can independently create decentralized community-created collections. After owning the ABCMETA-LAND and ABCMETA-ID, they can directly initiate the application for decentralized community-created collection, add the description of the collection, and let community users create according to the description of the decentralized community-created collection. The domain name "ABCMETA-ID.abcmeta.io" will directly jump to your decentralized community-created collection. The decentralized community-created collection is built and created by the creators and initiators together. With infinite value, everyone will get the maximum benefit!

ABCMETA.IO becomes the revolutionary and leader of the next NFT hotspot.

The decentralization project built at the forefront of Web3 will set off a new upsurge of NFT in 2022. The future has come. Will you come or not?

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