Space Race creates the World's leading diversified metaverse entertainment IP


SpaceRace takes stars as the core to become the creators of the universe and the field, and the virtual industry in the traditional entertainment field is owned by entertainment companies. The content is close to the public.

Founded in 2021, space race is the world's leading entertainment group. It was jointly initiated by SINGAPORE PUBLIC UNION FOUNDATION and hundreds of top communities around the world, focusing on the multi-dimensional development of Metaverse boutique IP.

space race is a diversified ecological industry chain integrating DEFI, NFT, chain games, metaverse, DAO, decentralized trading platform, DEX, etc. Through the DAO community self-governance method, we will work together to create a diversified trading platform and jointly build a diversified metaverse ecological world.


Provide Avatar avatar exclusive customization services for artists and IPs, well-known designers design virtual images, form avatars for idols, and assist the platform in the design and development of avatar business, content expansion, marketing, etc.

virtual meme series

Our goal is to design, develop and produce exclusive virtual expressions for our clients. While helping the platform to obtain the authorization of the artist's virtual image, we also help the artist to customize the virtual expression with strong adaptability and creativity.



Customize virtual fashion for artists and IPs to help them design how they fit naturally into different platforms and scenarios. In addition to planning more high-end virtual looks for artists, we also provide integrated marketing solutions combined with luxury brands to make the "glorious moments" of stars even more brilliant.


When we help artists to create the above virtual products, the whole process will be recorded, the above content will be made into a documentary and fully distributed and marketed in the Metaverse.

virtual assetmanagement & metaverseIP service provider

So far, space race is becoming the forefront of the international entertainment industry, which is characterized by the deep incubation of high-end IP and the aggregation of multiple business units such as film and TV creation, game R&D, entertainment brokerage, music and performance production.

Through the smart contract ordering mechanism to quickly absorb and lock fans, establish a huge volume of member data, form a strong consensus, and jointly create a hundred times the value of race.

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